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In the evolving cyber security landscape, threats are constantly lurking. At Pentagon Cyber, we are committed to stopping cyber threats in our tracks today to protect your digital assets for tomorrow.

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Protecting Your Digital Business from Tomorrow's Threats

Our team leverages the latest technology to stay ahead of cybercriminals, ensuring your systems are fortified against the latest threats. We understand that every business is unique. Our cybersecurity solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and challenges.

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We are not just a cyber security service, We create digital shield for your business. We stay one step ahead of threats to keep you safe in the ever-evolving cyber world.


We improved the cybersecurity posture of your organization

With years of experience in the field, our cyber security experts have encountered and defeated a wide range of threats, giving you confidence in our capabilities. We put you, the client, at the center of everything we do. Your cybersecurity needs and peace of mind are our top priorities. Our services are designed not only to address today’s threats, but also to adapt and prepare to protect your business against tomorrow’s challenges.

Goals or Objectives

Clearly define the organization's cybersecurity to protect sensitive data from mitigating cyber threats.

Risk Assessment

Identifying the cybersecurity risks specific to the organization. This includes assessing potential hazards and risks.

Early detection of vulnerabilities

We identify security vulnerabilities and coding errors at an early stage to reduce the time and effort required to fix them.

Mitigating Security Risks

Reduces the risk of data breaches, exploitation and security incidents by proactively addressing potential security vulnerabilities.

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Expose Unknown Threats Become a Problem

With Pentagon Cyber Security Ltd you get a partner to protect your organization, data, and digital assets through a wide range of expert cybersecurity services tailored to your specific needs. To avoid threats in changing technologies We regularly reviewed and updated to adapt 

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our expert cyber security consultants provide tailored guidance and strategies to strengthen your organization's defenses against evolving cyber threats.

HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit

We ensure that your healthcare systems and processes comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards, protecting patient information.

Data Loss Prevention Assessment

Our data loss prevention assessments help protect your critical data, ensuring it remains confidential, intact and compliant with regulations.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

We perform comprehensive threat assessments to identify risks and vulnerabilities that could compromise your organization's security.

Employee Cyber-Hygiene Analysis

We analyze and improve your employees' cybersecurity practices, as human error is a common factor in security breaches.

Application Security Assessment

We thoroughly review your applications to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.

General Consulting

Our cross-industry presence and extensive network of highly skilled professionals place us at the forefront of international business facilitation.

Projects development and communities empowerment

We help communities with upskilling youth and work together with associations and public entities in executing their projects

Our Portfolio

What Our Client Says

The awards we receive reflect our dedication to excellence, client satisfaction and peace of mind that we provide through our cyber security services. Contact us today to join our satisfied clients to secure your digital future.

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We Have Professionals

Our team consists of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity, international business facilitation, projects development, EduTech mentorship, government relations and community development. We are passionate about ensuring the safety of our client’s organization and maintaining the highest standards in what we do. Meet our founding members:

Dr. Charlene Coon

President of Pentagon Cyber, Lda

Fred Nyembue

Administrator-Executive Advisor

Dário C. S. Pessa


We are the No. 1 Cyber Security Service Organization

The leading company in CyberSecurity

Don’t lose sleep over cyber threats. Get our protection and rest easy knowing your digital assets are safe. The cost of prevention is a fraction of the cost of maintenance. We’re here to make protecting your digital future easy and accessible. Save money and stress by acting now. Cyber threats don’t wait. Being safe keeps you in the game and ahead of the competition.

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We empower you to proactively address security risks, tailor solutions to your specific needs, and ensure compliance while enjoying peace of mind.

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