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Dr. Charlene Coon

President of Pentagon Cyber Ltd

Dr. Coon is a global leader and advocate for efficient but powerful cybersecurity protocol in business and government.

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We provide customized cybersecurity solutions designed to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by state and local government agencies. Our experts understand the specific regulatory requirements and budget constraints in this sector, ensuring cost-effective and compliant security measures. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats targeting government agencies, we offer proactive threat intelligence and rapid incident response services. We help state and local governments detect and mitigate threats before they impact critical services and citizen data. We help develop robust security policies and procedures, ensuring that government organizations are well prepared to deal with emerging threats. Our expertise extends to training government personnel on security best practices to creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

For Private Industry

Our cybersecurity consultants work closely with private industry clients to provide comprehensive risk assessments. We help identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, and implement mitigation strategies to protect sensitive business data and maintain operational continuity. We provide expert guidance on industry-specific compliance requirements (such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, or GDPR) to ensure private sector organizations remain compliant while protecting customer data. In the event of a security breach, our consultants help private industry clients develop and test incident response plans. We reduce downtime, reduce financial impact, and protect brand reputation through fast and efficient response.

For Federal Governments

We specialize in aligning federal agencies with security frameworks such as NIST SP 800-53 and FedRAMP. Our consultants help meet stringent cyber security standards and achieve continuous monitoring and compliance. We implement advanced threat detection and prevention measures to protect federal systems from nation state actors and sophisticated cyber threats.

For International Organizations

We develop and implement security strategies that transcend borders and address the unique challenges faced by international organizations. Our solutions ensure compliance with data protection and international privacy regulations. We provide 24/7 global incident response services, ensuring international organizations have a rapid and coordinated response to cyber incidents, no matter where they occur.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services for Universities

We offer specialized cyber security solutions for educational institutions, protecting sensitive research data and student information. Our consultants help universities secure their networks, systems, and research projects with research grants, ensuring compliance while enabling innovative research.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services for Healthcare Organizations:

We help healthcare organizations maintain the highest levels of patient data security by implementing robust access controls, encryption, and HIPAA-compliant solutions. Our consultants tackle the unique challenges of securing medical devices, and ensuring they remain protected from cyber threats while delivering critical patient care.

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