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Dr. Charlene Coon

President of Pentagon Cyber, Inc.

Dr. Coon is a global leader and advocate for efficient but powerful cybersecurity protocol in business and government.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Projects Large and Small

Pentagon Cyber, Inc is well-equipped to provide cybersecurity solutions for projects of all sizes, including large-scale government initiatives that demand advanced and complex security strategies. Our experience and expertise make us a trusted partner for organizations seeking robust cybersecurity solutions.

Meet Dr. Charlene Coon, President of Pentagon Cyber

Dr. Charlene Cowen, President of “Pentagon Cyber, Inc.” is a renowned expert in cyber security.  Dr. Cowan has made significant contributions to the cybersecurity community by serving on the International Certified Ethical Hacker Advisory Board. His insights and guidance have helped shape ethical hacking practices around the world, promoting a secure digital landscape. His leadership in this effort underscores his dedication to strengthening organizations’ digital defenses that play a critical role in national and international security. Along with Dr. Charlene Cowen, “Pentagon Cyber, Inc.” is led by an industry luminary who brings unparalleled expertise, a global perspective, and a deep commitment to cybersecurity.

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