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Dr. Charlene Coon

President of Pentagon Cyber, Inc.

Dr. Coon is a global leader and advocate for efficient but powerful cybersecurity protocol in business and government.

Strengthen your digital defenses

by identifying vulnerabilities

Pentagon Cyber Inc. vulnerability assessment services are designed to proactively identify vulnerabilities in your digital environment, allowing you to strengthen your defenses against cyber attacks. You are taking a proactive step to protect your organization from cyber threats, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. Our in-depth assessments and tailored solutions help you maintain a strong security posture in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By staying in compliance, you not only avoid fines but also gain the trust of customers and partners who value data security and privacy.

Our Approach

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your digital assets. Our team performs complete scans of your IT infrastructure, networks, and applications. By examining every layer of your digital ecosystem, we can identify vulnerabilities that may otherwise go unnoticed. Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. Our experts understand that some pose a greater risk to your organization than others. We prioritize risks based on their potential impact, allowing you to focus your efforts and resources on those that matter most, ensuring critical vulnerabilities are addressed first. .

Ongoing Monitoring

One-size-fits-all solutions won’t cut it in the complex world of cybersecurity. Our vulnerability assessments lead to tailored recommendations and strategies. We work closely with your organization to ensure that identified vulnerabilities are addressed in a way that fits your specific needs, systems, and business goals. The cyber security landscape is ever-changing, with new threats emerging regularly. Our assessments help you meet industry-specific and regulatory compliance standards, ensuring your business is always in good standing.

Easy Compliance

Our services include continuous monitoring to keep your defenses strong against these emerging threats. We provide real threat intelligence, ensuring you stay one step ahead of potential attackers. It is always better to identify and fix vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them. Our vulnerability assessment services provide a proactive defense strategy. By addressing threats early, you can prevent potential attacks and the associated damage.

Don't wait for a cyber attack to reveal vulnerabilities in your systems

Securing your digital environment starts with identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. Contact us today via mail or contact form to schedule a vulnerability assessment and strengthen your digital defenses.